Showmax Plans To Increase Video-On-Demand Access Across Africa

MultiChoice’s subscription video on demand (SVoD) service, Showmax announced last week that it plans to address the obstacles faced by many African’s when it comes to video streaming platforms.

SVoD works well in countries where uncapped broadband is more affordable and readily available. The model relies heavily on consumers being comfortable when transacting online and also having immediate access to credit cards. These conditions are not an option for the majority of people in Africa.

Showmax’s new mobile option costs 50% of the standard Showmax offering but still offers the same video content.

The new plan is directly aimed at consumers who only use tablets and smartphones to view video content.

Niclas Ekdahl, the CEO of Connected Video at MultiChoice said that Showmax is offering what no other service currently offers with a complete catalogue of content now available in a product that was designed specifically for mobile usage. 

He added that Showmax is looking to launch similar offers in Nigeria and Kenya soon.

Both Showmax’s standard and mobile plans include sports magazine shows, live sports and sports documentaries.

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