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Nigeria: NCC Intervenes In Telco And Govt Data Price Dispute

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stepped in on behalf of Nigeria’s telecommunication service providers in a stand-off between the operators and the Minister of Communication Dr Isa Ibrahim Pantami over data fees.

Earlier this month, telcos ignored an instruction from the Minister ordering them to decrease the price of data in the country within five days.

The Minister had issued a statement claiming that Nigerians were not enjoying internet services because of the high cost of data in the country.

Represented by the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), the telcos did not decrease their data prices, and they declared the Minister’s order as “dictatorial” and one that had the potential to discourage investment in the country’s telecoms industry.

ALTON’s President Gbenga Adebayo said that the directive was unrealistic and insensitive.

He added that Minister Pantami had failed to consider operating costs that are incurred by telcos and that it was unrealistic for the nation’s government to expect a cost decrease in data within five days.

The NCC has not issued a new directive to operators but informed the Minister of actions it is taking to protect the consumers against practices such as forceful subscriptions and automatic renewals of data and value-added services.

At a recent meeting with the Minister, leaders of the NCC outlined the challenges facing local telcos including vandalism, site access denial and fire cuts.

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