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South Africa’s Film And Publication Board Denies Blocking YouTube Premium Videos

The Film and Publication Board of South Africa (FPB) recently told MyBroadband that it is in no way delaying the release of Google original content on YouTube Premium in South Africa.

YouTube Premium was rolled out in South Africa on 12 March this year. Although its other features were perfectly functional, Google only enabled a small section of its catalogue of original content in South Africa.

The service is priced at $4.90 per month for individual subscribers and $7.46 per month for a family plan.

Examples of YouTube Premium movies and shows that are blocked or partially blocked in South Africa include Bodied, Cobra Kai, Origin and Impulse.

For shows such as Origin and Cobra Kai, YouTube makes the first two episodes available for free. To access the rest of the episodes, the viewer must subscribe to YouTube Premium.

In the case of Cobra Kai, which is currently the top-rated show on YouTube Premium, only a few episodes from its second season and the two free instalments of the first season have been made available in South Africa.

The rest of the episodes have been tagged as “Video blocked in country”.


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