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Nigerian Minister Extends Deadline For NCC Data Tariff Slash

Dr Isa Pantami, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy has extended the deadline that was given to the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to decrease the cost of data, and stop the various illegal deductions from subscribers by service providers.

The Minister had last week, directed the Commission to action the directives within five working days.

Uwa Suleiman, the Minister’s spokesperson, explained that NCC asked for the extension of the deadline in a letter that was forwarded to Pantami on Friday.
In the letter, the NCC reportedly informed the Minister that it had already started taking steps to comply with the directive.

The NCC was then instructed to resolve the issues “within the shortest time possible.”

The Commission plans to fine operators who engage in illegal deductions.
Also, subscribers are to get refunds in proven cases of illegal deductions.

The letter sent to the Minister by the NCC stated that, in response to the instructions from the Minister, the Commission had reviewed the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003, on its process and rule-making powers.

The NCC, in the letter, assured the Minister that it was working hard to enforce the rules and requested an extension of the deadline to allow it to properly re-strategise and fully implement some long-term solutions to the challenges, as instructed.

Meanwhile, the telcos have insisted that they are not guilty of any illegal deductions, adding that the fees they charge for data in the country were informed by the cost of production.

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