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Copyright Commission Warns Cable Operators Against Illegal Broadcasting In Nigeria

The Director-General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), John Asein, during a recent meeting with representatives of the Association of Cable Operators of Nigeria (ACON) in Abuja, Nigeria said that the NCC would not tolerate broadcast piracy in any form.

He noted that the NCC would continue to monitor the broadcast sector and ensure respect for the copyright laws.

Asein added that any broadcaster that is found transmitting signals without rights would be apprehended and prosecuted for being a broadcast pirate.

According to him, the commission plans to work with the NBC to make sure that competition is fair and also encourage an environment that will guarantee the growth of Nigeria’s TV operators.

While mentioning some of the challenges that face the cable operators due to the evolving technology from analogue to digital transmission, ACON’s General-Secretary, Kalada Wilson, said that following directives from the NBC, the cable operators needed to give up their spectrum and analogue frequency in order for the nation to migrate to Digital Transmission Services in a manner that is in line with global best practices.

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