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Africa’s Digital Gender Divide Is Increasing -Report

To promote the continent’s digital transformation agenda, the latest World Bank report estimates that Africa needs close to US$9 billion a year - to connect1.1 billion additional people online by 2030, especially youth and women.

“A Digital Infrastructure Moonshot for Africa” is a Broadband for All report that is one of the first to focus on the cost of bridging the broadband gap in Sub-Saharan and North Africa. It seeks to ensure that Africa gets universal access to the digital economy primarily because it affects the youth demographic - over 70% of Africans under 25 – as well as women who make up more than 50% of the African population.

Benin’s Minister of Digital Economy and Communications said that bringing Africa’s women and youth online is vital because they need it most.

The Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau, Doreen Bogdan-Martin, added that it is a significant concern that only 30% of Africans are online considering that achieving key development goals including the 2063 agenda for the continent is heavily reliant on broadband connectivity.

Bluetown’s CEO, Peter Ib, said that connecting 100% of Africa online by 2030 could be done if all governments paid attention to the importance of the private and public sectors collaborating for successful funding towards the cause.


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