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Lack Of Funding Delays Nigeria’s Digital Switch Over

Nigeria’s implementation of the Digital Switch Over (DSO) from analogue TV broadcasts has reportedly been delayed by the non-release of funds by the federal government to the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).
This is despite the numerous advantages of the Digital Switch Over including an increased revenue generation to the government as well as allowing the consumers to select from various methods of receiving TV signals at multiple resolutions through different forms of media.
According to Salihu Bamidele, the leader of the NBC team, lack of funding has slowed down the DSO.
On when the DSO would take off fully with all the TV stations in the country, he said that he could not give any assurance because the NBC currently does not have the necessary funds and that is why it is appealing to the federal government to step in and provide financing.
The leader of the NBC team did not disclose the total figure needed for full take off but Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa, the Group Managing Director of Gospell Digital Technology, put the total figure NBC needs at $124 million and only $41 million had been approved but not yet released.
Ohuabunwa urged the federal government to release the funds to the management of NBC for the implementation of DSO so that the Commission would be able to release a specific time-table that would unveil its plans regarding the switch-over from analogue to digital broadcasting.

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