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Discovery Channel Opens To More DStv Viewers This Month

DStv Compact and Compact Plus customers are in for a treat this month as Discovery Channel (DStv 121) has rolled out an “open window” allowing them to have access to the channel.

The open window for the premium channel started on Friday, 11 October and will run until Sunday, 17 November.

According to a statement issued by Discovery, subscribers on other packages will enjoy popular content such as Street Outlaws and Gold Rush, and an exclusive premiere of the Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney series, Why We Hate, which premiered on Sunday, 13 October at 22:00.

The six-episode series examines how hate played a critical role in shaping our history.

Through interviews with historians, journalists and top researchers in the fields of biology, neuroscience and psychology, the series aims at identifying this vicious sentiment in the daily lives of mankind and how its effects can be stopped from spreading.


Discovery Channel’s Head of Brand for the Middle East and Africa, Henry Winridge said that he believes that the success of Discovery Channel lies in the variety of programming that is offered, combining real-life entertainment shows that speak to both young and old audiences.

He added that he is thrilled that more viewers on DStv will now be able to watch the discovery channel’s landmark documentary series Why We Hate amongst many other entertaining and informative shows on air this month.

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