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Nigeria: NCC Calls On Telcos To Monitor And Record Calls On Networks

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has ordered telecom operators in the country, to monitor and record calls and other communications that pass through their networks.
NCC said this was to curb the rising security risks in the country, especially offences involving kidnappings.
According to the NCC, telecoms operators that fail to monitor and keep records of calls and communications passing through their networks would be fined.

The commission stated that all the operators would be expected to have the records and be ready to submit them to security agencies should the need arise.
Failure to do so would result in severe disciplinary action in the form of fines.
It is also important to note that failure of the telcos to comply with the regulation could also possibly lead to the revoking of their licenses, according to provisions of section 45 in the NCC Act.
Meanwhile, the commission confirmed that it would not be footing the bills of operators’ equipment as it had ordered them to acquire all facilities or equipment that is needed to monitor calls at their own cost.

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