Vodacom Launches Free Ad-Funded Mobile Internet Service In South Africa

Vodacom has launched free internet service that is powered by Upstream’s Zero-D connectivity platform to its mobile users in South Africa. 

Since this new development, the telco has seen a massive uptake with approximately 55 percent of its subscriber base already actively engaging with the portal. Users of the service are averaging sessions of close to six minutes as they enjoy the free digital content available on the platform. 

Vodacom customers that have run out of data are redirected to the Zero-D portal, Vodacom Flex, where they receive access to essential internet services including web search, local and global news as well as weather reports. The portal also offers subscribers the option to digitally top up their service for an increase in airtime or data.

Zero-D is a free ad-funded mobile internet platform that gives users a fallback option of a zero-rated internet environment when they have run out of credit.

Vodacom’s collaboration with Upstream means that they can increase their customer satisfaction and remain competitive in the market. 

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