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MultiChoice Shuts Down DStv Select Package

Many DStv customers will lose access to the kykNET and Mzansi Magic channels. MultiChoice, in turn, is at the risk of losing DStv subscribers altogether after the pay-TV operator told subscribers that it would be shutting down its two DStv Select packages at the end of October.

DStv Select customers who have had access to kykNET for example, are now facing an almost 100% increase in what they will need to pay if they want to continue watching it, with lots of shocked subscribers saying they can't afford it and are leaving DStv.

MultiChoice announced that it is doing away with its two legacy packages – DStv Select 1 that has Mzansi Magic as a TV channel in its collection, as well as DStv Select 2 that has kykNET as a part of its collection.

MultiChoice has said that DStv Select customers can switch to the DStv Family package (which doesn't contain these two popular channels) or subscribe to access channels (for which they would be paying a lot more).

DStv Select 1 customers who are paying $15.58 will now have to pay $26.47 per month for DStv Compact to get access to the Mzansi Magic channel. DStv Select 2 customers will have to fork out $34.43 per month – an increase of around 96% – which many existing DStv subscribers say they cannot afford.

DStv Select subscribers are complaining that they don't know what's going on and are accusing MultiChoice of not having communicated the changes with them appropriately. 

MultiChoice, has not answered any specific questions but has released a statement saying that DStv is continuously updating its content line-up, pricing and packaging structure to ensure that subscribers have access to the best content at the greatest value. The statement further noted that Select 1 and Select 2 packages would no longer be available as of 29 October 2019.

MultiChoice advised subscribers to migrate to DStv Family, which gives access to 25 more channels than the Select packages.


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