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New Talent-Search Reality TV Show To Be Launched In South Africa

South Africans will soon witness an epic battle between wanna-be preachers live on TV. The production house, Zallywood, is currently doing trials around Gauteng to find talented preachers for an upcoming talent show, ‘Calling The Called’.

The Director of Zallywood, Ruth Mabona, said that South African audiences had seen talent shows about singers and soccer players, but this new concept would be unique in this category of TV content.

The competition will also be open to foreign nationals with work permits.

Ruth explained that Zallywood saw the need in the religion space to inspire people due to the large number of desperate people who are trying to find a church to belong but are discouraged because there are no true preachers anymore.

She added that all prophets look alike, but the show would reveal those who are genuinely called.

Auditions for the show are currently underway at the Johannesburg Theatre and at Walter Sisulu Square. The show’s producers have reported that the turnout has been overwhelming.

Ruth Mabona said that she hadn’t expected so many people to audition because preaching is different from singing, and not everyone believes that they can do it.
She declared that close to 80% of South Africans are Christians, which shows an appetite for innovative and fresh religious content.

As from November, contestants will be put through various challenges to show that they indeed are worthy of the ultimate prize. Each week will feature a different celebrity judge on the show. The channel that will air the show is yet to be announced.

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