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“Distribution Of Broadcast Content Is Cost-Efficient Today Because Of Satellite Technology”–Christoph Limmer, Eutelsat

Christoph Limmer, the Senior Vice President for Global Business Development, Video at Eutelsat, says that the distribution of TV content has never been as cost-efficient for broadcasters as it currently is, and it’s all thanks to satellite technology.

Mr Christoph Limmer was talking to Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the forthcoming Broadcasting Convention of Southern Africa taking place on the 29th – 31st October 2019 in Victoria Falls in Zambia. 


The industry Convention will be hosted by the Independent Broadcasting Authority of Zambia. 


Mr Limmer told BMA that satellite technology also allows broadcasters to distribute content Over The Top (OTT) and to reach consumers across Africa and all over the world; so making use of this technology should be a no-brainer for broadcasters.


Below is an excerpt of the rest of the conversation Christoph Limmer had with BMA on the forthcoming Convention where he will be delivering a key presentation on the topic: ‘TV content “everywhere” – case for satellite as a cost-effective enabler.’

BMA: Why did Eutelsat decide to get involved in The Broadcasting Convention of Southern Africa And 27th SABA Annual General Meeting?

Christoph Limmer: The broadcast convention, in combination with the Annual General SABA meeting, provides a unique platform for Eutelsat to discuss and engage with African Broadcasters, regulators etc. As a market leader in Africa, transmitting almost 1,700 channels, we can discuss and elaborate business models and opportunities which will support the growth of broadcasting in Sub-Saharan Africa.

BMA: In your opinion, what is the case for satellite as a cost-effective enabler for TV content “everywhere”, especially for Africa’s broadcasters?

Christoph Limmer: Distribution of TV content for broadcasters has never been as cost-efficient as it is today. Based on the improvement of compression formats and new technologies, African broadcasters can reach their audiences in Africa and anywhere in the world using satellite technology. Content can be distributed directly by satellite to the home (DTH), which is by far the most used transmission technology. In addition, satellite technology allows broadcasters to distribute content Over The Top (OTT) to reach consumers in Africa and all over the world. Satellite technology also plays a crucial role in the area of mobility (flights, cruise ships, etc.) and will also play a role in the 5G roll-out and connected cars.

BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?

Christoph Limmer: The main objective will be that broadcasters understand the full capability of satellite technology and how satellite can support the growth of their business today and in the future.

About Christoph Limmer: Christoph Limmer is Senior Vice President Commercial Development and Strategic Partnerships at Eutelsat, in charge of defining the commercial strategy and business development activities for broadcast and video globally.

Christoph Limmer is an expert in defining growth and market entry strategies for broadcasters to develop customer value propositions, distribution strategies and to support business expansion.

He lived more than four years in Africa supporting the establishment of another global satellite operator business in the region.

Before joining the Satellite Industry, Mr Limmer started his professional career as an Investment Banker.

He will be speaking at SABA’s Broadcasting Convention of Southern Africa in his capacity as Senior Vice President for Global Business Development, Video at Eutelsat.

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