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Namibia’s NBC Turns Off Two More Private TV Channels On Digital Broadcasting Platform -Reports

Earlier this month, Namibia’s national broadcaster NBC announced that it would be executing severe job cuts because of financial crisis.

The crisis began in December 2018 when the Government announced a policy decision to cut state spending and cut NBC’s funding. Eight months after that announcement the other shoe dropped when NBC announced that it would be cutting 156 jobs, reducing its total staff complement to 415.

Now in a sign that the spiralling crisis is getting worse, NBC has cut off its main competitor One Africa Television (OATV) as well as the Christian TV network, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) from its digital broadcasting platform, according to media reports on 24 September 2019.

The Chief Executive Officer of OATV, Stefan Hugo, said that they sent a letter to NBC requesting an explanation on why their service was cut off and whether it was a permanent or temporary move. He noted that OATV had still not received feedback from NBC.

Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, the Chief Commercial Officer of NBC, said that the issue around cost recovery from both the OATV and TBN had been discussed with the two entities for some time.
She said that there were set costs which the NBC has been carrying in order to make the broadcasting possible, and the two entities had benefitted from those costs.

Karuihe- Upi explained that NBC’s current situation had unfortunately forced the decision to cut off the two channels.

She did, however, add that should some intervention come from the channels, the NBC would look into putting them back on the air.

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