Namibia: One Africa TV Secures VOD Deal

One Africa TV (OATV) has secured a live streaming and video-on-demand deal with to take its diverse and vibrant content beyond the boundaries of traditional media.

Stefan Hugo, the CEO of OATV, said that viewers could now also enjoy OATV content on TV2Africa. He explained that this is an OTT platform which is built especially for broadcasters, content providers as well as those who want to broadcast their content on an internet platform.

OATV said that it strives to make the stories it conveys more accessible to audiences and, also increase the multi-platform audience reach for its clients and other stakeholders.

OATV’s Station Content Manager, Taleni Shimhopileni, said that the new partnership means that viewers will have more platform options to enjoy their favourite OATV shows.
She added that it would be an excellent opportunity to make available entertaining and locally relevant content to the many Namibians who love OATV.

Namibia’s first-ever commercial free-to-air television station, OATV was founded back in 2003 with coverage that was limited to Rehoboth and Windhoek.

Shimhopileni concluded by saying that OATV embraces the new paradigm that is media and curates and produces content that can live far beyond the boundaries of traditional media, to converge digital and conventional television broadcasting.

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