Nigeria: Govt Orders NCC To Block Over Nine Million Unregistered SIM Cards

Nigerians, who are using unregistered SIM cards, might be facing trouble as the federal government recently announced that it is on a mission to block over nine million of the unregistered SIM cards that are in use in the country.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had in June this year called on the nation’s telecom consumers to adhere to its warning and stop supporting the sellers of SIM cards that have already been pre-registered because anyone found using, selling or otherwise transacting in any way with those illegal SIM cards would be fined and face imprisonment upon conviction.

A statement given by the Federal Ministry of Communication on last week disclosed that Dr Isa Ali Patanmi, Nigeria’s Minister of Communication, had ordered the NCC to block all unregulated SIM cards until their users come forward and present themselves.

The statement said that a preliminary investigation that the government had undertaken had revealed that there are over nine million unregistered SIM cards in Nigeria.

Dr Patanmi added that he had directed the NCC to immediately block all of those numbers until the users turned themselves in.

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