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NIGCOMSAT To Make Satellite Internet More Affordable With PortaBilling

The Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT) has revealed that it is taking on a new approach in the delivery of satellite connectivity solutions by putting together a tight-knit eco-system of Virtual Internet Service Providers (VISPs).
The VISPs will operate using a digital BSS (Business Support System) called PortaBilling, provided by PortaOne, which will deliver the service to key markets such as defense, enterprise and government.
Service providers will rent data channels from NIGCOMSAT’s orbiting satellite and then use the PortaBilling portal to manage their accounts and subscribers.
PortaBilling is designed to carry out all service monetisation, namely charging, service activation, payment collections, and invoicing on behalf of the VISP.
Dr Abimbola Alale, the CEO of NIGCOMSAT, said that the flexible solution would address most of the common challenges that are currently faced by Internet Service Providers in Nigeria.
PortaOne is a Canada-based software developer of billing systems for modern telecommunication companies all across the globe.
Andriy Zhylenko, the CEO of PortaOne, said that PortaOne’s services would enable NIGCOMSAT to succeed through the monetisation of an innovative service and an improved customer experience.
He added that PortaBilling would make internet access in Nigeria more accessible and affordable, by building a solid network of VISPs in the country.
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