Ethio Telecom Plans To Deploy 4G In Ethiopia

Ethio Telecom has made public its plans to install a 4G network in Ethiopia’s capital city and in neighbouring regions, as well as upgrade its other network services, as the Ethiopian government prepares to open up the industry to private foreign investment.

Ethiopia recently announced that it would be awarding two telecoms licenses to multinational mobile entities, by opening up one of the world’s last closed telecom markets.

Referring to the liberalisation drive, Ethio Telecom announced last week that it would be rolling out a three-year strategic plan in a renewed effort to reshape the company and start leading with business orientation and running operations with a competitive mindset.

Ethio Telecom confirmed that it would roll out 4G network capacity throughout Addis Ababa and other regions, and also improve its overall network coverage and capacity.

The company added that it expects to increase its total subscribers by 16% to 50.46 million customers in the year to July 2020. It also plans to open 73 new retail shops during the same period, bringing its total number of shops to 438.

Ethiopia is recorded to have a population of over 100 million people and has been one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies over the last ten years.

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