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MultiChoice And TNT Channel Celebrate 80 Years Of Batman With A Film Festival

The TNT channel on DStv 137 is currently celebrating the 80th anniversary of the creation of Batman with an exciting film festival of all the Batman movies in September.

The Head of Entertainment Channels at WarnerMedia Africa, Guillermo Farré said that WarnerMedia Africa is proud to be part of this significant occasion where the African fans can completely immerse themselves in the legendary Batman blockbusters as they celebrate the 80th anniversary of the greatest superhero of all time.

TNT will air two Batman films per Saturday, starting on the 7th of September, and end with a marathon Bat-weekend.

Tim Burton's iconic 1989 Batman film from with Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader was up first on Saturday the 7th of September at 17:55 on TNT, featuring the super talented Jack Nicholson as the feared Joker.

The 1992 sequel, Batman Returns was also shown on Saturday the 7th of September at 20:00.

On Saturday the 14th of September at 18:00 on TNT DStv viewers will be able to watch Batman Forever, the 1995 movie with Val Kilmer who took over from Michael Keaton in the role of Batman following a salary dispute.

On Saturday the 21st of September four Batman films will be shown starting with Batman at 09:35, Batman Returns at 11:40, Batman Forever at 13:45 and then Batman & Robin will be shown at 15:45.

Thereafter, Chris 'Nolan's Batman Begins will follow at 17:45, then The Dark Knight will be shown at 20:00 and The Dark Knight Rises at 22:30 which together are globally known as "The Dark Knight Trilogy".

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