Vodacom And MTN Enjoy Highest Revenue Per User In Southern Africa

Reports have revealed that MTN and Vodacom are in the lead when it comes to receiving revenue from each individual subscriber.

MTN reportedly makes its highest average revenue per user (ARPU) in eSwatini followed by South Africa and then Botswana while Vodacom's highest ARPU is from South Africa and Lesotho, according to the latest quarterly stats from the two South African-based operators.

As of the end of June this year, MTN had approximately 240 million customers in 21 countries throughout Africa and the Middle East, while Vodacom had 79 million subscribers in its five African operations.

ARPU is the average amount of money that a mobile operator makes in sales from each of its users per month. It is calculated by dividing the average monthly service revenue by the monthly active customers during a specific period.

Nigeria, which is MTN's most massive operation by subscriber numbers, had an ARPU of around $4.08 at the end of the quarter. This was lower than its neighbour Benin ($4.93) but above other West African operations. 

Meanwhile, Vodacom's leading ARPU for the second quarter was from South African subscribers, who generated an ARPU of $5.91. Vodacom's next highest ARPU for the period came from Lesotho users who brought in $5.07 average revenue per subscriber per month.


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