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StarTimes’ New Dating Reality Show To Roll Out Lagos Auditions

StarTimes has announced that what is set to be Africa’s number 1 dating reality show ‘Hello Mr Right’ will kick off in Nigeria with auditions on September the 7th and 8th.

The auditions are scheduled to take place this coming weekend in Lagos and are open to both male and female participants who are above 18 years and who are single.

The TV show which is currently enjoying significant viewership in other African countries including Zambia and Kenya will be aired exclusively on StarTimes from October 2019, with a cash prize of $830 up for grabs to the successfully matched couple.
Commenting on the initiative, Kunmi Balogun, the Public Relations Manager of StarTimes said that the show would follow the general format which originated from China. On the show, a male participant introduces himself and tries to impress a group of lady guests.

The women have the option to jump ship during the selection process if they don’t like the guy, and he chooses the girl he wants to date from the ones who are left after a round of questioning.

Balogun added that “Hello Mr Right’’ is perfect for anyone who is single and searching – it is also a fun way to meet new, interesting people and possibly find that special one.

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