Award-Winning South African Film Streaming On Showmax

MultiChoice’s video-on-demand platform, Showmax, is now showing the South African film, Liyana. In the multi-award-winning film, the legendary South African storyteller Gcina Mhlope mentors five orphans from Eswatini through the process of creating a story. They put together a fascinating tale about a young girl, Liyana, who goes on a dangerous mission to rescue her twin brothers – a fairytale story of perseverance that is derived from their saddest memories and brightest dreams. 

While the storytelling process is filmed in traditional documentary style, the story that the children are telling is beautifully animated, creating a unique work of art.

Liyana is directed by Amanda Kopp together with the eSwatini-born Aaron Kopp, who filmed the Oscar-nominated The Hunting Ground and the Oscar-winning documentary Saving Face. 

Aaron Kopp said that the story chosen by the children is imaginative and hits close to home, but the animation by the Nigerian Shofela Coker takes the film to the next level as it adds more depth and emotion. 

Liyana is executive produced by the famous Emmy winner Thandie Newton, produced by the Oscar winner Daniel Junge, and edited by Davis Coombe.


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