DG Of Nigerian Copyright Commission Initiates Anti-Piracy Surveillance

John Ohi Asein, the Director-General of Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), has initiated a ground-breaking operational strategy for the Commission, named Staff Neighbourhood Anti-piracy Surveillance (SNAPS).

At a recent meeting with industry stakeholders, the Director-General stated that under SNAPS, all staff members would engage in anti-piracy surveillance and copyright awareness programmes geared towards the realisation of the Commission’s statutory mandates.

He instructed all staff members to keep an eye out for activities of piracy and also to educate people about copyright in their communities

The Director-General revealed that the Commission would soon launch a Stakeholders’ Neighbourhood Anti-piracy Surveillance (SNAPS) as a public/private sector collaboration to effectively promote copyright protection.

He added that the strategy would assist in building the synergy needed in the fight against piracy while also boosting public knowledge on copyright issues nationwide.

Among a total of 29 attendees that were present at the meeting were Mike Akpan, the NCC’s Director of Planning, Research and Statistics; Obi Ezeilo, the Director of Prosecution; and Vincent A. Oyefeso, the Director of Public Affairs. Also in attendance were representatives from the Director-General’s Office, Departments of Legal Services, Prosecution, PRS, Public Affairs, Finance and Accounts, Administration and Nigerian Copyright Institute (NCI).


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