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Ethiopia Launches Its First-Ever Kids TV Channel

Ethiopia recently rolled out the nation's 30th television channel, Ethiopian Kids TV Channel.

According to the Managing Director of Ethiopian Kids TV, Eskinder Kebede, the channel is designed to provide entertainment, informative and educational content for children and teenagers 24 hours a day.

Before establishing the company, the founders conducted a survey in Ethiopia and found that Ethiopian children were in need of an indigenous children's media outlet that would focus on their culture and related issues.

The new channel is mainly dedicated to children's programming, but it will also cover family issues emphasizing children's rights and their wellbeing. It also includes children's music, plays, puppet shows, question and answer competitions, dramas, movies and storytelling with characters.

A psychologist and counsellor, Seble Hailu, said that children's TV programming is an essential space for children to entertain themselves and also learn important values in life. However, Hailu warned that children shouldn't have more than two hours of screen time in a day because excessive media use is linked to obesity and lack of exercise.

The expert added that families should always make sure that they strike a balance when it comes to the amount of screen time that they allow their kids to enjoy.


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