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StarTimes Develops $1.9m TV Channel In Kenya

StarTimes Media has announced that it is currently in the process of developing a new TV channel in Kenya which will mainly target women through local programs. Rembo TV will be available across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and will have reality shows.

The new channel will carry a language policy for its content that is set to ensure that 60 percent of the shows are in Kiswahili, 30 percent are in English and 10 percent in vernacular languages, respectively.

The CEO of StarTimes, Andrew Wang, said that StarTimes’ investment in Rembo TV is a statement of the pay-TV company’s long-term commitment to the Kenyan market. Wang added that as the 24-hour channel goes live, StarTimes intends to be the home of uninterrupted entertainment attending to its subscribers demand for exciting reality TV shows.

Rembo TV will be made available on all StarTimes bouquet tiers, on both its satellite and terrestrial platforms as the company seeks to list new subscribers and ensure retention. The latest move comes at a critical time when pay-tv subscription rates have dropped because of increased competition.

The Communications Authority of Kenya and the Kenya Film Commission (KFC) have thanked StarTimes for investing in the development of local content, saying that the move would assist in generating more job opportunities in the creative sector.


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