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Broadcasters And Telcos To Meet At 'OTT Streaming And Content On-Demand Forum' In Lagos, Nigeria

Industry reports suggest that revenues from OTT content streaming and on-demand services are set to reach a staggering US$100billion by 2020.
Industry stakeholders are in the best position to partake in this phenomenal growth with endless opportunities, especially in the areas of mobile, non-linear streaming and content delivery.

As broadcasting and telecoms services become more converged, the focus now lies squarely on how mainstream broadcasters, telcos, content owners and infrastructure providers can collaborate to take broadcast content more into the Internet and ‘mobile-first’ media ecosystem.

With all of this taken into consideration, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) has announced that it will be hosting the “OTT Content Streaming And On-Demand” Forum on the 23rd to 24th October 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.

The crucial industry Forum will bring together key players from the telecommunications sector, broadcast industry and online platform providers to explore developments around infrastructure building, services delivery platforms and monetisation opportunities while providing a clear market-view of real possibilities.


Find out more about this event on the website here.


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