Kwese Play Enters Liquidation

Kwesé Play has revealed that it will be entering liquidation.
Econet issued a statement saying that it is with sincere regret that it is announcing the liquidation of Kwesé Play.

The statement goes on to explain that a few weeks ago, Kwese’s technology partner, Roku deactivated all Kwesé Play devices in the markets and customers had since been unable to use them to watch YouTube, Netflix and other apps on their televisions.

Econet said that it had tried to negotiate with Roku in an effort to reactivate the devices, but had been unsuccessful. This means that all Kwesé Play devices will remain deactivated and will never function again.

Kwesé Play was launched in South Africa in 2017 after Econet Media signed agreements with both Netflix and Roku to be their official African collaborators.
As part of the agreement, Roku constructed a unique media player for Kwesé Play.

On 3 July 2019, Roku devices that carried Kwesé Play stopped working and displayed a message saying that Econet no longer offers Kwesé Play.
Later that day, Econet sent its subscribers a communication that said that Roku had unexpectedly shut down the Kwesé Play service in the middle of negotiations between the two parties.

When MyBroadband asked Econet if subscribers who currently own Kwese Play devices would receive any compensation, a spokesperson said that all further announcements would be subject to the liquidation process.

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