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New Reality Show Launched In Ghana

A transformational reality show, A Jewel In The Streets, is about to launch on Ghana’s TV screens, with the British-Ghanaian actress Ama K Abebrese as the host.
The show is designed to transform the lives of porters in a different way.

Just like other big cities in the world, Accra is filled with dreamers who move from their regions, villages and homes in search of greener pastures, only to realise that making it in the big city is not as easy as it may seem.

The thought-provoking show, A Jewel In The Streets will start off with an overview of the harsh realities that are faced by Ghana’s head porters, otherwise known as ‘kayayei’.

Accra has thousands of young women in the ‘kayayei’ business who came to Accra looking for success, only to end up faced with the harsh conditions in the cities.
Many sleep on the streets of Accra and are always at risk of being exploited or abused. These girls don’t make enough money to look after themselves or even to return home.

The reality show promises to be educative and packed with many surprises.

A Jewel In The Streets is produced by Marvelin House Limited.
It will officially be launched in Ghana on August 17.

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