Kenya: Telkom-Airtel Merger Will Not Include Telkom’s Fiber Network And ICT Unit

The merger of Kenya’s two biggest telcos is in its final stages, and the media is receiving more and more details about the forthcoming amalgamation. It was reported recently that the Communication Authority had given all parties that might want to object to the merger, a month to state their grievances.

A few weeks ago, a regulatory notice revealed that Telkom Kenya’s ICT business would probably keep the Telkom Kenya name even after the merger of the two mobile enterprises forming a single partnership company to be named Airtel-Telkom.

The Director-General of the CA, Francis Wangusi said that the applicants had made an application to the Communications Authority of Kenya to combine their telecoms businesses in Kenya by transferring Telkom Kenya’s carrier, enterprise and mobile business to Airtel Networks Kenya Limited. In exchange, Telkom Kenya would then gain some shareholding in Airtel Networks Kenya.

He added that the parties involved had further declared that upon approval of the proposed amalgamation, Airtel would after that be renamed Airtel-Telkom, while Telkom would continue its operations in the ICT sector providing special services to select customers.

The CA has also advised that any parties opposed to the merger should submit their objections submissions within 30 days.

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