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New Video Streaming App, Naijatastic, Makes Waves In Nigeria

Naijatastic is a mobile video streaming app that was officially rolled out in Nigeria at the start of 2019. It has quickly gained popularity among users because it allows the user to stream audio and video at no cost.

The Media Executive of Naijatastic, Bastos Tosin, said that the app would be suitable for helping artists promote their locally created audio content. He added that it would create a strong bond between the artist, their fans and listeners from all over the world.

Tosin noted that Naijatastic would benefit talented artists who produce their own content as it would get them recognised for their talent.

According to the executive, artists who are already using the Naijatastic platform have witnessed their fan base grow at a rapid pace over the period that they have been using the app.
He added that on the Naijatastic platform, artists, producers and fans could communicate with each other using the private message system, and this is a feature that encourages collaborations.

Record label owners and music producers can now scout for talent by merely listening to and downloading new music from the Naijatastic platform.

Tosin said that Naijatastic creates online opportunities to showcase Nigerian talents and offline opportunities through music events and house parties organised by the Naijatastic team to benefit up-and-coming independent artists.

According to the Media Executive, mobile usability is essential and is also a deciding factor in the success of the app. This is why Naijatastic took the time to publish an iOS and Android app that dramatically improves user experience.

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