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"Consumer Demand Will Successfully Drive Quad-Play Services In Africa" – Mark H. Gordon, CEO –SUPAView TV

Adv. Mark H Gordon, the CEO of SUPAView TV, says he has acknowledged that it is consumer demand that would ultimately drive Quad-Play services across Africa.

Adv. Gordon was in conversation with Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the Industry Forum on Digital Infrastructure and Platforms for Converged Broadcast Media taking place on the 21st – 22nd August 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel –Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Below is an excerpt of our chat with Mark Gordon about the forthcoming Forum where he will be giving his expert views on a panel discussion:
BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in the Industry Forum on Digital Infrastructure and Platforms for Converged Broadcast Media?

Adv. Mark Gordon: By virtue of my working in the IT and Broadcast media space for almost 30 years, one realizes the importance not only of collaborative partnerships but also sharing of knowledge and new innovative ideas.
Ultimately one hopes that innovation contributes significantly to the enhancement of mankind in this digital age.
This has not always been the case, especially on the African Continent where over 900 million people still don't have access to streaming, or basic internet.
Industry forums such as these have the power to inspire other industry stakeholders to think more about how we can bridge the digital divide in the African Continent by adopting African solutions for African challenges.
So I have decided to participate in the Industry Forum on Digital Infrastructure and Platforms for Converged Broadcast Media to network with others and to help create a future which is digitally inclusive to all Africans who desire a better life without all the barriers to entry that exist in our industry.
BMA: In your opinion, what possible success paths are available in Africa for broadcasters using "Quad-Play" converged services?
Adv. Mark Gordon: Quad Play is a balancing Act - Service providers continue to invest heavily to build quad-play bundles, many with high hopes for lower churn and better margins. The value of these bundles to customers and service providers is yet to be proven. However, with the increasing share of the market, quad-play bundles cannot be ignored.
Quad-play bundles combine fixed broadband, fixed voice, and paid TV services with mobile voice and data services. Like dual-play and triple-play predecessors, the quad-play bundle is a calculated effort on the part of service providers to reduce churn, increase revenue, and claim greater market share.
The success of a quad-play bundle, however, relies on more than high consumer uptake. That uptake must be primarily driven by untapped consumer demand for connectivity solutions at a different price point, rather than by consumers simply seeking lower prices for the services they already purchase separately.
BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?
Adv. Mark Gordon: For those attending I am hoping that in our specific segment I will have time to share how we will introduce OTT via Satellite into Africa to distribute Live Television, Push VOD, other file formats, to millions of screens (Mobile, Tablet, Television and Computers) without using Mobile Data and in Full HD without buffering.
I, therefore, hope that fellow participants will find the event inspiring and not just another talk shop. Hopefully, all attendees leave with a sense of great expectations for the future.
About Adv. Mark H Gordon: Adv Gordon is the CEO and Founder of SUPAViewTV Pty LTD.
He has over 26 years of experience within the ICT, Telecommunications and Broadcast Industry, and is the previous Head of ICT, Media and Broadcasting for Siemens AG. He later became the CEO of Atos.
Mark has executed many large-scale technology, broadcast and media project deployments such as delivering the first Digital Migration project in the world in 2007 for the BBC and many other well-known international broadcasters.
He has delivered some of the most complex Mobile technology challenging projects in the world like WI-FI Calling for CELL C in 2015, which is a first on the African continent and second in the world.
Through SUPAView he will deliver the first OTT via Satellite Solution on the African continent to deliver live television and VOD to mobile phones without using Mobile Data.
Mark will be speaking at the Industry Forum on Digital Infrastructure and Platforms for Converged Broadcast Media in his capacity as the founder and CEO of SUPAView TV Pty LTD.


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