Cameroonian Telcos Penalised For SIM Card Registration Violations

According to Cameroon's Telecommunications Regulatory Board (TRB), MTN Cameroon, Viettel Cameroun (Nexttel) and Orange Cameroun have been fined $1.7 mil, $1.7 mil and $2.5 mil respectively for failing to adhere to subscriber identification regulations.

Philemon Zoo Zame, the Director General of the TRB, said that the operators had failed to respect the country's laws relating to subscriber identification, with many SIM cards being activated with no proof of identity.

Zoo Zame said that the Board had carried out all necessary control exercises before arriving at its decision.

None of the operators has publicly reacted to the sanction thus far.

The regulator also issued formal notices to the mobile operators, calling them out for allegedly continuously offering poor-quality services.
The telcos have been given a 30-day deadline to adjust.

A few years ago TRB announced that SIM card fraud and irregular subscriber identification had cost the country over $30 mil annually and that criminals were using illegally issued mobile SIM cards to commit crime.

According to the regulator's findings, some people registered more than 200 SIM cards using one National Identity Card.

A prime ministerial order that was passed in 2015 stipulates that no one should be allowed to own more than three SIM cards per mobile operator.

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