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"The Evolving OTT Media Landscape Is A Win-Win Situation For All Industry Stakeholders" – Osezua Stephen-Imobhio, President – Oduma Creative Worx LTD

Osezua Stephen-Imobhio, the President of Oduma Creative Worx LTD, says that the transformation of the broadcasting and media industry from linear to digital, coupled with the evolving streaming and Over-The-Top (OTT) media landscape is part of a positive transformation that is an all-around beneficial situation to all industry stakeholders.
Mr Stephen-Imobhio, responding to questions from Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the 4th Annual Digital Broadcast Media Convention taking place on the 27th – 28th August 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria, also declared that the broadcast media industry is a very dynamic one and Nigeria's industry stakeholders need to keep themselves updated to avoid being left behind.

Below is an excerpt of the conversation Osezua had with BMA on the forthcoming Forum where he is a featured speaker:
BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this 4th edition of the Annual Digital Broadcast Media Convention?
Osezua: My answer is simply because of the theme. In my opinion as an entertainment content producer and distributor, there is a glut in Nollywood's content market to such extent that the livelihood of many stakeholders in the industry is threatened. So many contents, yet so little a market and this has further shrunk the price they pay for these contents because of content saturation.
However, the solutions to all these issues are embedded in the theme of this year's convention.
BMA: In your opinion, what pros and cons can broadcast and media industry players expect to encounter as a result of the evolving streaming and over-the-top (OTT) media landscape?  
Osezua: I believe it is a win-win situation for all stakeholders except for those who are not prepared to embrace this imminent and compulsory change. We need to make sure that we are always aware and informed about all the latest innovations and transformations in the industry in order to remain relevant.
BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?
Osezua: I would like to advise everyone involved in the industry to avail themselves to the opportunity to get every available training offered to stakeholders at summits such as this one. Our industry is a very dynamic one, and we need to update ourselves if we don't want to be left behind.
Finally, this convention will show participants the various opportunities that are available in the digital streaming and Over-The-Top media landscape.
About Osezua Stephen-Imobhio: Osezua Stephen-Imobhio is the President of Oduma Creative Worx audio-visual content production and distribution company based in Lagos. Also, he hosts a Nollywood premium content online distribution market platform.

With experience spanning over three decades in the entertainment industry, Osezua, who has   
travelled widely has been a speaker/panellist at several local and international conferences, festivals and markets on content production and distribution.

Osezua Stephen-Imobhio, is the immediate past president of Nollywood's foremost association, Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN).
He will be speaking at the 4th Annual Digital Broadcast Media Convention in his capacity as the President of Oduma Creative Worx Ltd.

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