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Ghana Broadcasting Corporation To Bring Back TV Licence Fee

Augustin Yamson, the acting Director-General of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has announced that GBC has decided to bring back the payment of the TV Licence fee as the organisation starts to focus more on Public Service Broadcasting and also aims to improve content.

Mr Yamson made this announcement recently when the Executives of Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) visited the management of GBC to show their appreciation during the launch of the GJA’s 70 anniversary.

GBC officially has reintroduced the collection of the TV Licence fees following years of putting it on hold due to a high number of non-payments.

Domestic TV viewers have to pay between $6.60 (GHc36) and $10 (GH¢60) for one or more television sets in the same household, annually. However, sales outlets and TV set repairers are to pay an annual fee of between $10 (GH¢60) to $44 (GH¢240).

Commercial TV operators are to pay $6.6 (GHc36) annually for each TV set.

To recall, in 2017, Ghana’s Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, introduced a special TV Licence Court to hear cases of citizens who refused to pay the mandatory TV licences. Currently, these courts are in ten locations across Ghana.

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