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Awtar Multimedia And Ethio Telecom To Launch Music Streaming App In Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s telecom operator Ethio Telecom, in partnership with Awtar Multimedia, intends to roll out a music streaming app which will be similar to Spotify for all Android phone users in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Awtar Music App, which was founded by the Ethiopian composer and musician Elias Melka, will offer its users a generous supply of Ethiopian music covering all genres and also the Oromiffa, Amharic and Tigrigna languages.

The public will be able to stream albums and songs for 4.50 birr ($0.16) and 15 birr ($0.52), respectively. The Awtar Music App, in an effort to limit piracy and ultimately maximise the artists’ revenue, ensures that the music downloaded from Awtar will not be shareable.

The creators of the app have also devised a structure to guarantee that all the creatives that are included in the split sheet for a particular song – such as lyricists, singers, producers, music arrangers and melodists – receive a 20% share of the profit that is made from the song.

Awtar will also be used as a new platform for the sharing of music-related news, workshops and concerts.

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