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Nigeria’s NBC Threatens To Fine AIT, Raypower For Airing Uncensored Social Media Comments

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in Nigeria has threatened to sanction Daar Communications Group for using social media comments in one of its programmes, Kakaaki, and for ‘unprofessional’ conduct by the media house.

Nigeria’s broadcast regulatory commission wrote three separate letters to the media house recently.
The letters refer to previous warnings telling the management of Daar Communications to exercise caution when using social media comments.

The NBC notes that the media house did not heed to its warning and continues to broadcast uncensored comments.
The commission added that broadcasting such comments was a blatant breach of  Nigeria’s broadcasting code.

To the effect of the alleged breach, the commission has demanded an explanation from Daar Communications on why it should not be sanctioned.

Reacting, Raymond Dokpesi, the founder of DAAR Communications Plc, said that he would protest this latest move by the NBC against his media house.
He described the situation as a plot to suppress free speech.
The reaction was given in a recent statement from his office in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to the statement, AIT and Raypower have not violated any broadcasting code as alleged by the NBC.  Dokpesi said that NBC and the ruling government are uncomfortable with the broadcast industry because of the courageous manner that it uses to inform Nigerians on happenings in the country.

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