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Econet Continues To Excite The Zimbabwean Market With The Buddie Beatz Music App

Buddie Beatz, the music app by Econet Wireless, is continuing to excite the market after its recent launch and its award-winning exhibition at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Fayaz King, Econet’s CEO, said that the interest in the app had been massive and thanked Econet subscribers for their support.

Econet launched the Buddie Beatz music app, which offers a wide choice of African music, in April this year.
The experiential exhibition of the Buddie Beatz music app at Econet’s highly digitised ZITF 2019 stand – featuring a ’silent disco’ and the use of hi-tech augmented reality (AR) to immerse users into the music experience – helped the company win the Best ICT Stand at this year’s Fair.  

King said that the recent experiential exhibition of the app was a carnival atmosphere and was an incredible experience for customers who tried out the app at the event.

The Buddie Beatz app boasts multiple music genres, from R’nB, Gospel, Zim Dance Hall, to Jazz, and many other music categories. Econet subscribers can now download and play music from their phones anytime and anywhere.

The music app is also a representation of a significant win-win collaboration model between Econet –a telecoms provider, and artists, which sees Econet helping to promote the artists’ work and also simultaneously protecting it from piracy, while the artists provide music ‘content’ to Econet’s subscribers.

King said that Econet is proud to be involved in the protection of local music from piracy.

The Buddie Beatz music app is available for download from Google Play on Android devices.

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