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Ethiopia Collaborates With China To Construct New Communication And Broadcast Satellite -Reports

Ethiopia and China have signed a collaborative deal to build a communication and broadcast satellite.

The contract was signed two days ago in Addis Ababa by Han Chinping, the Deputy President of the Chinese Rocket Company and Dr Solomon Belay, the Director General of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute.

The satellite will be designed and built by experts from China and Ethiopia and will be the second satellite launched by the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute for the government of Ethiopia.

According to a report from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Ethiopia, the new satellite will be built in Ethiopia is expected to use no less than 50% local input.

Last year, Ethiopia revealed that it planned to launch a satellite in September 2019 with Chinese backing, according to a Reuters report.

Commenting on the upcoming project at the time, Solomon Belay, the head of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) said that the primary mission of the space satellite would be to monitor mining activities, climate change and assess environmental matters such as the efficient application of water resources, and various other activities that are related to environmental purposes.

Ethiopia’s Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Satellite ETRSS-1 is scheduled to launch into space in November 2019. The development, design and manufacturing of the satellite are done in partnership with the Chinese at a staggering cost of $8m.

China has also reportedly given training and $6m towards funding for the project.

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