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Spotify's Latest App Update Highlights Video Podcasts

Spotify's mobile music app was recently renamed Spotify - Music and Podcasts, as the company pulls its $500 million investment into podcasting to the forefront of its whole ecosystem.

The new design will soon be made available to the app's users, but currently, the streamer has offered no date for a full rollout.

Music will continue to hold its prominent place within Spotify's app, but right alongside it is the new Podcasts tab at the very top of the app's Library page.
Both the user's recommended and saved music, and podcasts will now be found there.

Previously Spotify users used to click through as many as six different categories before they found their favourite podcasts.

The new design will also add categories within the two sections.

The Verge wrote that the new music library tab has added "Liked Songs" as a standalone selection that users can jump into. Also, the smaller tabs at the top of the Library page have now been divided into three specific categories: Artists, Playlists and Albums.

On the podcast side, users can opt to browse via Downloads, Episodes and Shows.

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