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"Funding Of Quality Local Content Calls For Deliberate Effort", Says Florence Haifene - Namibia Film Commission

Ms Florence Haifene, the Head of the Namibia Film Commission, says that the future of quality local content is dependent on deliberate efforts being made by businesses and leaders of state to fund original African content.
Ms Haifene, responding to questions from Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the Industry Forum on Content Management For Digital Broadcast Media, co-convened with the Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA) and taking place on the 25th – 28th June 2019 at the BON Hotel And Suites in Swakopmund, Namibia declared that now is the time for African governments, corporates, and individuals to understand the importance of their role in funding the African broadcast and film industry to ensure its sustainability and progress.

Below is an excerpt of the conversation Florence had with BMA on the forthcoming Forum where she is a featured speaker:
BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this Industry Forum on Content Management For Digital Broadcast Media?

Florence Haifene: I chose to get involved in this Forum because there is just not enough African content being created, and platforms like these present great opportunities for networking. The Forum was also attractive to me because it will provide a platform for the sharing of strategies of how to deliver quality, authentic story-telling and to explore the benefits that come with the various content distribution methods.  
BMA:  In your opinion, what methods can be used by the African Broadcasting and Film industries to successfully support the production and delivery of block-busting creative content in the continent?
Florence Haifene: It's not enough to say filming is a risk and there are no returns on it. We are flooded by foreign content, and it shapes our perceptions and value systems. African governments, corporates, and individuals need to understand their role in funding this industry. I believe deliberate efforts must be made to fund content through special purpose vehicles, grants, programs and continental collaborations. There are just not enough opportunities for filmmakers to express themselves creatively.  
BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?
Florence Haifene: I'm hoping we will all be able to put a value to the creative industry and that everyone will understand its impact on all spheres of our lives. I also hope that Southern Africa's film bodies will be encouraged enough to become stronger and to formalise themselves better. Above all, I look forward to the Forum placing a spotlight on Africa's broadcast and filming industry for all to acknowledge its worth and want to invest in it.
About Florence Haifene: Ms Florence Haifene kicked off her career at the Namibian broadcasting corporation as a journalist in 1994. She worked in the newsroom for over 11 years as producer and presenter of various radio current affairs programs including anchoring TV news. After that, she moved on to managing a language radio station, Kaisames in 2003. Haifene left the national broadcaster in 2012 to join the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology as the Head of the Namibia Film Commission.
Florence Haifene will be speaking at the Industry Forum on Content Management For Digital Broadcast Media in her capacity as the Director of The Namibia Film Commission.

The Industry Forum will be hosted by the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation.


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