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Netflix Showing Original Ghanaian Film, ‘The Burial Of Kojo’

A new movie called “The Burial of Kojo” is the first film by Samuel “Blitz” Bazawule, a Ghana-born rapper and director who was not interested in following the cliché war and famine theme of many films that are made in Africa.

Bazawule hired a local crew and Ghanaian cast to help him carry out his project. The Burial of Kojo is now reaching an international audience on Netflix.

The film director stays in Brooklyn, New York, but says that the story reminds him of the tales that he was told as a child growing up in Ghana. It is about a girl, Esi, her dad, Kojo, and his brother, Kwabena.

Bazawule explains that one of the brothers goes missing while on a mining trip and his daughter goes on a journey to rescue him. As Esi journeys through her quest, she finds herself in a dreamlike world.

Samuel Bazawule is also known as Blitz from his early days as a rapper, but, wanted to evolve from the musical to a visual form of storytelling, and this movie includes both.

The film is currently being shown on Netflix as part of a distribution agreement with ARRAY, a Hollywood production house founded by the seasoned filmmaker Ava DuVernay, that showcases the work of female directors and filmmakers of colour.

Credit: This article originated from www.voanews.com


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