Zimbabwe: TelOne’s VOD Service Gains Over 20 000 Subscribers In 5 Months

TelOne has announced that is has signed a new deal with Zollywood that will enable users to rent local movies.
TelOne also revealed that TelOne DEOD has managed to gain approximately 20 000 subscribers in the mere five months since it’s release.

For a long time it was assumed that there is no market in Zimbabwe for VoD services, the 1 million+ subscribers Kwese iflix has and now the over 20 000 achieved by TelOne proves that there are many Zimbabweans who are willing to use the internet for their entertainment purposes.

Zimbabwe’s internet penetration rate of over 60% is a sign that there is a significant number of Zimbabweans using the internet not only for communication but for entertainment as well.

The video streaming field in Zimbabwe is still in its infantry stages and even though content streaming services like Netflix remain compelling, local platforms such as Kwese and DEOD continue to have a competitive edge because the owners of these services also sell internet data, which means they have the ability to make it less expensive to watch DEOD and Kwese.

In addition to being able to deliver video content at a lower fee than Netflix, local VoD providers also stand to benefit from being able to offer local and relatable shows that Netflix doesn’t have.

Nigeria and South Africa have proven that people are very interested in local content and this is evident in their thriving film industries.

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