Nigeria Provides Internet By Using Television White Space Technology

Over half a million of Nigeria’s rural population will now receive internet through the use of Television White Space Technology (which is unused broadcasting band spectrum which can be used to deliver broadband services to unconnected rural communities.

 According to the Daily Trust, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is working together with the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to create a framework for the use of TVWS technology to provide the affordable rural connectivity to 56% of Nigerians.

The Director of Spectrum Administration for the NCC, Austine Nwaulune said that the NCC takes the connectivity of every Nigerian citizen (irrespective of where they reside) very seriously.
He explained that what the Commission does is seek out technology that will ensure the connectivity of all Nigerians.

Nwaulune noted that TVWS is one of those much-needed technologies because it utilises the spectrum that is in the lower megahertz band and as it is, that particular spectrum is excellent because it propagates very far.

He added that a smaller number of base stations is needed to deliver services on TVWS and insisted that the fact that rural areas are very challenging does not mean that people in those communities should remain unconnected.

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