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Netflix Acquires African-Superhero Animation, Mama K’s Team 4

Last year Netflix announced that it had started working on offering more original content from all around the world, including South Africa.

In December the video-streaming company confirmed that it was releasing a South African Original titled Queen Sono in 2019.
The launch of Queen Sono was then followed by the release of the South African action series, Shadow. Now Netflix is planning on rolling out original, local animated shows as well.

The first local African animation is called Mama K’s Team 4 and has been produced by South Africa’s award-winning Triggerfish Animation Studios.
It is a series that follows four Zambian teenage girls in a futuristic version of Lusaka, who get recruited by a retired secret agent and go on an action-filled mission to save the world.

The story was created by a Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema. It is also designed by an artist from Cameroon, Malcolm Wope, who drew a lot of visual inspiration from popular ’90s hip-hop and RnB girl groups.

Mulendema said that while she was growing up and watching superheroes on TV, she noticed that something was out of place. None of the superheroes looked like her, which is the reason why she decided to create heroes that have more of a resemblance to her in a world that African children could identify with.

She said that in creating a superhero animation set in Lusaka, she hopes to introduce the world to four super-strong African girls who save the day in a uniquely crazy and fun way. Mulendema added that most importantly, she wanted to show that a superhero could be anyone from anywhere.

Netflix is now on a search for more African female writing talent to bring what they have to offer to the creative team on the series.

Credit: This article originated from www.stuff.co.za


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