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MTN Nigeria Rolls Out Fibrenet In Abuja

MTN Nigeria has rolled out its FibreNet product and services in Abuja using the CITEC estate as its pilot.

Auwal Abdullahi, MTN’s Senior Manager Enterprise Business in the North, said that the decision to start at the estate came from the fact that CITEC is one of the largest estates in Abuja with close to approximately 3,000 residents.

Abdullahi emphasised that after successfully deploying the fibrenet at the estate, MTN will continue to replicate it in virtually all of the estates in Abuja.

Abudllahi said that FibreNet, also known as fibre-to-home, is a cable connection that is different from the usual wireless GSM mobile connection. He added that it is which makes it is highly resilient and highly scalable.

The Senior Manager noted that the speed of internet whether on 3G or 4G is always in the region of 7 to 70mbps, but with the newly launched fibre-to-home, the user is likely to enjoy up to 700mbps.

He also declared that there are almost 60 million smart mobile phone users in Nigeria – phones that offer access to the internet. Abdullahi said that this had given made people the ability to practically run their office on-the-go or keep social contact.

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