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SES Serves 355 Million Homes Via Satellite

According to the annual market research done by SES, it increased the number of households it served by over 4 million to more than 355 million in 2018.

The research showed an upward trend in SES’ technical reach in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In the African continent, this included the addition of Kenya to the survey where approximately 2 million homes across the nation rely on SES for their TV content.

In Europe, Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite broadcasting remains the leading distribution method, with SES serving roughly 167 million TV homes throughout the continent.
The SES fleet also delivers video content to more than 72 million households in North America via the major U.S. cable neighbourhoods.

Ferdinand Kayser, SES Video CEO said that SES invests in services and tools to help its customers access information about the markets they operate in so that they become more successful in their business. He said that regardless of the shift in consumption habits, it had become clear that SES remains an essential part of delivering a premium-quality viewing experience to the world’s largest broadcasters and content hubs.

Kayser pledged that through the differentiation of its services, SES would continue to support the development and success of more entities in the future.

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