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Seacom Carves Out Fibre Express Route From Kenya To Microsoft's SA-based Datacentres

The Pan-African connectivity firm, Seacom has announced that it plans to roll out a dedicated fibre connection all the way from Kenya to South Africa's datacentres and public cloud networks.

The company stated that the move had been inspired by the recent launch of Microsoft datacentres in South Africa.

Microsoft unveiled its first datacentres in Africa in March 2019, with the availability of Azure from the new cloud regions in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

Seacom issued a statement saying that the connectivity firm’s Seacom's offering to business customers, would deliver direct, secure, dedicated and high-speed connectivity to the Microsoft datacentres via robust network connections from Kenya to South Africa.

The Seacom subsea cable which will connect Kenya to South Africa offers a fibre express route that has Terabytes of capacity with speeds from 50Mbps up to as high as 10Gbps.

In 2016 Seacom had decided to place its focus on companies that aimed to install services on the cloud. This led to the launch of Azure ExpressRoute and the offer to Seacom users to extend their on-premise networks into the cloud in partnership with Microsoft.

Now, three years later, Seacom says that this opportunity for Kenyan businesses to use Seacom's ExpressRoute to connect directly to these Microsoft datacentres will allow more Kenyan enterprises to embrace the cloud and boost digitisation.

At the beginning of March 2019, Seacom bought FibreCo Telecommunications in South Africa.

According to Seacom, the FibreCo network runs along South Africa's highest-traffic transmission routes and joins together all major South African cities.

With this acquisition, Kenyan businesses will now be able to access significant datacentres where cloud providers have a presence all across South Africa.

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