Vodacom Video Play Reaches 800,000 Subscribers In South Africa And Plans To Venture Into More Countries Across Africa

Africa’s mobile operators have struggled for a long time with Video-on-Demand platforms and faced many obstacles including shortcomings of their own networks.
Eventually, things seem to be coming together for some of them.

The Executive Head of Video at Vodacom, Zubair Munshi spoke in an interview with Balancing-Act Africa about the launch of Video Play in South Africa and its plans for the future.
Vodacom Video Play was rolled out in June 2018 and in the seven months of its existence gained 2 million registered users.

Munshi declared that Vodacom is happy with the performance that Vodacom Video Play has delivered over the last seven months.
He explained that the Vodacom Video Play offers three broad categories: transactional VoD (once-off purchases), Pay Per View live TV and VoD subscriptions.
Munshi said that the reason that this kind of VoD service had not happened earlier for mobile operators is that there had been a lot of difficulty in trying to make the model work. The main issues being problems around content rights and the high price that is tied to the acquisition of content.

Vodacom Video Play plans to roll out outside of South Africa soon and wants to introduce its service in other markets.

Munshi revealed that the next country in line is Lesotho, then Tanzania where Vodacom Video Play aims to extend into local Swahili content. After that, the plan is to venture into Mozambique with Portuguese language content and then to the DRC with Francophone content.

He said that Vodacom Video Play is the first step of many by Vodacom in the video content and that the mobile operator was learning many lessons along the way.

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