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SES Inks Contract To Provide Channels To Benin In Digital Switchover Move

The Satellite operator SES has signed a deal with Benin’s government to provide 15 free-to-air channels to audiences in the West African country.

As part of the deal some HD channels, which SES says are the first HD channels to be available in the country, will be broadcast via digital-terrestrial TV throughout Africa.

This is a move that will prove to be an essential step forward in the country’s planned 2020 digital switchover.

SES will be using a spot-beam on SES-14 to add video to the Benin DTT infrastructure. DTH coverage will be used to complement this in all areas where there happens to be a shortage of DTT coverage. The SES-14 satellite which was successfully launched last year is positioned at 47.5° West.

The Chairman of the DTT Steering Committee of the Presidency of the Republic of Benin, Darius Quenum said that SES had delivered a creative solution to Benin to ensure the efficient introduction of digital television with HD channels.
Quenum noted that this was a significant milestone as the country moves towards its deadline for the switch-off of analogue broadcasting.

Quenum said that Benin is pleased to be working with SES as the satellite operator has the technical capabilities and experience to support the country’s ambitious plans to set new and high standards for broadcasting.

Clint Brown, the VP of Sales and Marketing Development for Africa at SES Video said that SES is excited to be leading the digital television transition of Benin to deliver high-quality service to the country’s citizens.

Brown added that SES is dedicated to providing more innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the market.

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