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MainOne And Facebook Join Forces To Provide Open-Access Fibre Network In Nigeria

MainOne Nigeria has announced that it has partnered with Facebook to roll out a metro fibre infrastructure project in two states of Nigeria.

According to a statement issued by MainOne, the internet solutions provider is building and operating 750 km of terrestrial fibre infrastructure in the Ogun and Edo States, which many consider to be two of Nigeria's most rapidly growing states.

The statement explained that these open-access transport networks would provide metro fibre connectivity that would reach more than 1,000,000 people in Abeokuta, Benin City, Sagamu and ten other cities by connecting Internet Service providers, mobile operators' base stations, Points of presence (POPs), and some public locations including hospitals and schools.

MainOne added that this partnership would leverage MainOne's position as a wholesale telecoms Infrastructure service provider with a hefty investment from Facebook and a thumbs-up from local state and regulatory authorities to deepen broadband penetration in Nigeria.

Facebook’s Network Investments Lead for Emerging Markets, Ibrahima Ba said that Facebook is working very closely with MainOne and other partners to speed up broadband installations in Nigeria. Ba said that the partnership merges Facebook's learnings from scaling its global infrastructure with MainOne's in-depth knowledge of the country’s environment to develop and try out new working models for various operators to access common infrastructure.

MainOne’s CEO, Funke Opeke, declared that MainOne believes that this particular partnership, together with the open-access network that has been developed, will be beneficial to boosting the quality of access and speeding up the digital transformation in the Edo and Ogun States.

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